Goddaughter Prayers

Brooke, my Goddaughter, has been in town and, for the first time, is totally in to the whole Goddaughter/Godmother thing.  She's been asking me if I pray for her.

The other night, when we were leaving to go home, she was upset, so I whispered in her ear, "I'm going to pray for you tonight before I go to sleep.  Will you pray for me?"  She was in no mood for talking.  She looked up with her sad little eyes and nodded, "yes." 

The next day, when I saw her I said, "I am so glad you're feeling better.  I prayed for you last night.  Did you remember to pray for me?"

Most six-year-olds, when faced with the truth, would either a) honestly answer "no" or b) obviously lie "oh yes, of course".  This girl was born with the gift of seeing the grey between the black and white, and has the quick-wittedness to use it to her advantage.  She did not pray for me, nor did I expect her to, but without even a pause, here was her response to me:

"I didn't time to say it out loud, but I kept a prayer for you in my heart."  And to drive her point home, after a dramatic pause: "Alllll night long."

She is one of a kind.  She will have the world in the palm of her hands some day.


  1. I just read this today Sasha...oh my...you are so right...Brooke is one in a million...and even though she didn't have "time" to pray for you...she always has you in her heart..that I am certain of!!!!


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