Food makes you smarter

What I wave goodbye to every morning.
What a great weekend! It revolved around- what else? - food. Truthfully, everyday revolves around food in my world, but this weekend was Maplefest in Perth. Maple toffee, maple sausages, maple everything, oh my!
Never one to turn down a maple sausage, Nana joined the kids and I for the festivities.

Her wisdom combined with Nevin's naïveté resulted in the best part of my day...
(She showed up just as the kids were having their morning snack so, while she supervised, I ran upstairs to get ready, where I heard the following conversation.)
Nana: Hurry up and eat your snack, Nevin.
Nevin: It will go down in my tummy first, then it will hurry up back to my head?
Nana: Yes. And it will go to your brain and make you really smart.
Nevin: Like smart as Daddy?
Nana: Yes.
Scarlett: Dadadada!

That, my friends, is why the highly evolved, super-involved, stay-at-home Dads of 2012 are so awesome.


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