Croup: A change in perspective.

My thoughts yesterday:
1) I can't believe I only have one more week at home with my kids before I go back to work.
2) I'm not plugging in the baby monitor anymore.  I'm sick of Scarlett getting up in the night - how am I going to survive this when I go back to work?
3) Why doesn't Scarlett want to be weaned?  Its time to move on - I don't want to be getting up at 5am to feed her.
4) I'm sick of stupid winter.

Then the kids got sick.  Really sick.

My thoughts today:
1) Thank God I have this week off to be home with my kids.
2) Thank God for baby monitors.  I hope Scarlett gets up in the night so I know she's okay.
3) Thank God for breastfeeding.  I am so glad I can comfort her in this way.  I am so glad I can provide her the nourishment she needs when she is disinterested in food.
4)  Thank Goodness for the cold air.  It does more for my childrens' lungs than any medicine can.

Its amazing how one little event can remind you of God's abundance.  Or, if you're not religious, its amazing how that event can fix the way you think about the things and circumstances that surround you.


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