Toddler Art Wall

IMGP6685 by SashaWarner
IMGP6685, a photo by SashaWarner on Flickr.
Monday is Shawn’s day off, so Honey, we got a lot done today.
We put up the Christmas decorations. We hung an art wall (read more about that below). We sat through and hour of a town council meeting, to watch a two minute award presentation to Grandpa (he helped save someone last summer). We had dinner with the in-laws. Now I’m even blogging. Big successful day.

The inspiration for the art wall came from here. I got a bunch of frames from the REAL Deal Store for 25 cents each (it’s a second hand store dedicated to salvaging things that would otherwise go to the dump). I used paper clips to hold the art. Now Nevin can be extra proud of his crafts. I love how it turned out… I hope you do, too. Now we just need to make a few more appropriately sized seasonal crafts to complete the collection.


  1. so awesome that you posted that and coincidence. I just ordered 3 days ago frames to do the very same in our house. Great minds must think alike.


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