Craft Sale Season

On Friday I received this email from a local radio station:


You have won admission for yourself and 1 guest to shop before the doors open to the public, this Saturday morning from 9a-10a at the Originals Christmas Craft Sale at Lansdowne Park!

Your name will be on a guest list – please be sure to bring a piece of photo ID.

Enjoy coffee and donuts while you shop, and Santa will announce over the PA system lucky winners of a $100 Originals Christmas Craft Sale gift certificate every 10 minutes throughout the one hour Shopping Experience, and one lucky shopper on site that Saturday morning will win a $500 gift certificate to the Originals Christmas Craft Sale!"

My mom is a huge fan of craft sales, and I like looking for inspiration, so I called her up.  Not only did she accept my +1 invite, she said she would bring along my Dad to watch Nevin.  When we left on Saturday, I was feeling great about life.  I was going to get an hour without the toddler, I had on a pretty cute outfit that didn't involve any yoga wear, and there was the promise of donuts awaiting my arrival in Ottawa.

You know how shopping experiences can get a little nuts around the holiday season?  Well, not when you have VIP pass to an event closed to the public.  It was calm.  It was inspiring.  It was toddler-free.  I had my two donuts, Mom had her free Starbucks coffee, we got our fill of crafty inspiration, and when the clock struck 10am, we were ready to be on our way, completely satisfied with the experience.  And then a cheery voice came on the intercom:

"Thank you to all of our VIP Majic 100 shoppers.  The winner of the $500 gift certificate is Sasha Warner.  Again, Sasha Warner, could you please make your way over the the courtesy desk to collect your prize.  Merry Christmas everyone."

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO MEEEEEEEEEEEE!  I may have shrieked.  Do you understand that that is more than a month of groceries for us?!?  $500 guilt-free dollars that had to be spent in this little piece of crafty heaven, that couldn't be put towards food or the children's education funds.  Guilt-free.  Guilt-free!

I got a present for my mom and my mother in law.  I did buy some groceries... $50 worth of almond and hazelnut butters..Yum.  And, normally, Shawn and I don't exchange gifts, but now there are presents under the tree for both of us.  Actually there are four gifts under the tree for me.

What a fantastic day!  I am so lucky, in so many ways.


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