Too much?

Blurred from embarassment by SashaWarner
The identity of the victim has been blurred for her safety.

I've been around the baby block before, but not like this. It was the blue and green and red and orange block with khakis and polos and little argyle sweater vests. The kind of block you would find in Southampton. This time around, with a girl, its more of a New York City block. And some days I feel like I'm teetering on the edge of Park Avenue, only one sequined headband away from Broadway. There are so many patterns, textures and glittery things.

How much is too much for little girls? Animal prints with pink velour bows? Faux fur with coordinating flowers half the size of their face? Sequined headbands? All of the above combined in all their glory? (As evidenced in the picture?)

Or is it all just so over the top that it becomes irresistibly adorable?

I swore I wouldn't do it, but now that its done, I think its kinda cute.


  1. That is the struggle that we as mother's face all the time. My babes are drawn to the colours and sparkles like crows. As long as you discuss that colours don't define gender and don't let their clothes prevent them from actually playing because they are so poofy or neat. I think you are good. Always keep the avenue for communication open and never judge. Also, it is hard to keep yourself out of the equation.

  2. Its the "myself out of the equation" that I have the hardest time with. Thanks :)


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