Merry Christmas!

Merry christmas by SashaWarner
Merry christmas, a photo by SashaWarner on Flickr.

Is it December yet?  No?  So close.  Its time to discuss Christmas.  December, schmember... Advent has started, and the liturgical calender is more suitable for these sorts of things than the Gregorian calendar anyways, right?

What better way to start the season than to celebrate a totally awesome gift?  Check out the picture of the banner.  One of my awesome neighbours made it for me out of cardstock and red and white twine.  Simple, beautiful and carries a strong message.  Just like me.  Kidding.  I do love it though.  

Not to worry.  She didn't slave over cutting out the letters - she has four kids, a gazillion pets, and no time for such mundane tasks.  She took it to the local library and used their letter making machine, which apparently whips them out in a jiffy.  Brilliant.  And rumour has it that anyone can use library letter cutter outers.  Especially if you have little ones learning to read.  Who knew?  That's your little tip of the day: seek out a local library letter cutter outer and use it!

(As a happy little side note - Nevin has finally taken an interest in little letters, thanks to the sign.  I love it when things unexpectedly become teaching tools!)

Hooray for great neighbours!


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