Name Plaques

Today, it was raining, so we did a project I've been wanting to do for a few weeks.  We invited over the neighbours and made name plaques.  I got the paints and letters from a yard sale.  We've got enough letters and half empty paint bottles to make name plaques for the entire town.  Nevin made a huge mess and did a really good job. 


This was day two of my near perfect mothering, from the outside.  Yesterday, I took the kids to the library for Toddler Time, which is basically stories, songs and rhymes for two year olds (never to early for literacy!), and quickly followed that up with playgroup, which is facilitated by a early childhood specialist and finishes with more circle time.  Home for lunch, Nevin to bed, then I turned around and returned to the library activity room for Baby Picasso with Scarlett (never to early to foster right brain thinking!).  And did I mention I walked to all these places?  Just trying to reduce my carbon footprint and leave a healthy world for my literate, right-brained children! 

Sound too perfect?  Ummm, yes.  I can't keep up with the cliches.  By the end of the day, I was exhausted.  And when I went to bed at 10:30, after an intense boot camp session (because perfect moms always find time for themselves!), I was sooo ready for a good night's sleep.  Scarlett woke up at 11:30.  If frustration was a noise, it would be the cries of a baby interrupting a deep, perfect sleep.  I got up, went downstairs, grabbed a blanket, layed on the couch and put a pillow over my head.  I was literally hiding from my child.  Or, more accurately, from my duties.  It lasted about three minutes, until Shawn woke up, and started looking for me.  Turns out she was just hungry and went right back to sleep after a snack.  Five minutes of crying/screaming could've been avoided.  Turns out perfect doesn't exist. 


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