Go cougs!

I'll let the pictures do the talking.  Possibly a crafting crowning achievement.  The girl, or the leggings.
Cute, obviously, but look a little closer....

Go Cougs!!!
Fight, fight, fight for Washington State and victory!

(I made these from old toe socks that given to me as a gift back in the college days.  Instead of making them with a frill on the bottom, like I did here, I folded over the raw seam, put an ouchless ponytail elastic in the hem and sewed.  You don't have to use the elastic, but I wanted them to be gathered a bit at the bottom, like old school jogging pants, so they wouldn't be longer than her ankles.  Since the people who set the shipping rates on everything WSU related seem to have a thing against Canadians, I am thrilled that she has something thrifty to wear for game day.)


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