Emilie's Shower

Its a official.  My big brother is a parent.  This was an extra-crazy-special year for our family - all three of us had babies (or, in the case of my older brother, is spending most of the year waiting patiently for a baby).  How often does that happen?  I have to admit, its pretty cool to go through all the same celebrations and hurdles at the same time as your siblings.  I'm already looking forward to dealing with teenagers together.

My older brother and his wife are the last ones to hop on the baby train, and we are all so excited to welcome them to parenthood, so we held a baby shower for them yesterday. 

It was a collaboration between my mother and I.  My mother, the oh-it-sparkles! oh-it-says-baby-on-it!  oh-it-has-booties-and-pastel-abphabet-blocks! lover, and me, the every-one-knows-why-we're-here-were-don't-need-the-decorations-screaming-reminders-at-them! lets-step-away-from-pastels! stick in the mud.  It made for an interesting preparation, and more than one "I know its pastel, but it was only five dollars!"  In the end, I think it came together well, I was proud of my mother's restraint.  And I covered the "BABY!" table cloth with as much food as I could find.

(How'd this get in here?   Pre-game snack)
Made by Emilie and Grandma Whitson
Well wishes poster

Baby Taylor is lucky!


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