Cheap Family Fun: Canada Agriculture Museum

Thursday was a big day.  We went to the Agricultural Museum in Ottawa.  In other words, we went to a farm.  Admission for kids under three is free and teachers are free, too, so we only had to pay for Shawn, which was $7.  We also packed a picnic lunch, so it really was an affordable way to spend some family time in a toddler wonderland.  When some of your relatives own farms, I guess $7 doesn't seem like such a deal, but Nevin is a bit uneasy around close-up livestock, so this saves us the judgmental glances from locals. 

Tracker simulator... a two-year-olds' dream!

To round out the cheap fun, before we went home we went over to the airport, parked and watched the planes take-off and land.  Sometimes, the best things for toddlers really are free.


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