The Rest of the Pictures

Most people who frequent this blog have already seen the family photos that were taken after I took off my wedding dress for the Five-Year Project.  But don't you want to know what happened behind the scenes?  No?  Well, that's what this post is all about:  How we survived a photo session with a toddler and a baby.

First, you should know, we went into the game prepared.  I did my prep work.  Started talking up the merits of neckties with the two-year-old days before the event.  Swung by the discount store and stocked up on a secret stash of Hot Wheels.  Fed the baby moments before getting in the car to go to the session.  It was all as controlled as could be.  And then we arrived, Nevin saw strangers, and shut down.

Fortunately, I had a three part emergency system in place.  Code Yellow: Hot Wheels.  Code Orange: Croutons.  Code Red: Chocolate chips.  At that point, who cares if there's chocolate on his teeth and face... we need the boy in the pictures.  One photo = one chocolate chip.  Thank Goodness, we only got to Code Yellow, Step Two.  That would be the cement truck.  Step One, the police car, wasn't quite enough to take the edge off.  I had a third car, Step Three, a flashy yellow sports car that has been cataloged for future emergencies.

Once he got his groove on, he didn't want to get out of the pictures.  In that last picture, where's Nevin, you ask?  It went something like this, "Oh no, I think I dropped the cement truck Nevin, you better go check and make sure its in the bag still!"  Poor naive little guy.  Scarlett is just out of the frame, eating as many clovers as she can before a big person comes and saves her from her insatiable hunger for lawns.

Overall the session was a huge success, mostly because the photographers went with the flow and let Nevin's whims dictate the direction we went with the photos.  At the end, on the way out of the park, the sun came out and the light was gorgeous, so we took one last picture.  At this point, it was bed time, though, so coaxing a smile out of the kids was beyond anyone's capabilities.  Nevin was tired, and Scarlett was desperate for a snack and trying to get at it.  If you know the back story,  she totally looks like she's been caught with her hand in the cookie jar.  I love it.
These were just a few of many (i.e. dozens!) of great photos from the day... thanks again to Luke and Lee-Anne!


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