Grape Jam

Today I gained a new appreciation for grape jam.  Mr. Smuckers deserves every cent of his millions if he started his empire doing what I did today. 

I went over to my mothers house and we harvested her concord grapes.  The harvesting part was actually kind of fun.  Given my history, its pretty a pretty rare occasion that people in my family allow me to climb up a ladder - with scissors, no less.  And the amount that we found under all those leaves made me amazed at the abundance of fruit and giddy with anticipation of jam for a year.

Upon harvesting, it was time to separate the skins from the pulp to make jam.  This is where things turned sour.  (Anyone else catch that pun?  Hehe.)  Over the course of the day, I really honed my technique, but it was a long process nonetheless.  I had completely underestimated how long it would take - I guesstimate project times based one how long my kids nap and I thought it would be a one and half nap kind of job.  It took the entire day, and in the end we gave a third of the grapes away (by the way, come by today, I still about 10 pounds I'm trying to get rid of.  Seriously.  Otherwise they are destined for the compost bin). 

On the positive side, my Gram and uncle came by to help, so I got to spend the entire day sitting and talking with them.  Four generations together, squishing grapes.  Days like this are why I moved back home.  I love the simple things in life.

Grape Jam Recipe
(From my Great Grandmother, Leefa Myers)
Wash grapes and separate skins from pulp.  Put on pulp and boil until stones come out (put through colander).  Put together skins and pulp and add sugar pound for pound.  Bring to a good rolling boil.  Seal in sterilized* jars (put  1/4" parawax on top of each jar before sealing).

*my mom puts the jars in the oven at 250 degrees for about a half an hour.


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