Baird Trail

After nap time, we headed out of town and went for a mini hike on a 1km trail.  The perfect distance for a two-year-old to walk on his own.  It had all sorts of little info markers, so Shawn and I learned a lot, too.  I now know what a Wheevil is, and what a Yellow Birch looks like, which also happens to be my new favourite tree.

Nevin said it all when he said, "We're going to find some anibals.  I'm sooooo excited."


  1. So...did you find lots of anibals??

  2. No... although Nevin did go up to a 300 yr old maple and try to shake a squirrel out of it. He also said, several times, "Listen. Hear, 'squeak, squeak'? I hear a turtle."


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