Baby Legs

Sunday morning, I made Scarlett some baby legs, for her already adorable baby legs.

I used to have a picture of what you need to do it, but there was an unfortunate memory card incident at our house.  Fortunately, its so easy, you don't need pictures. 

I had old toe socks in the bottom of my drawer.  I chopped off the toes.  I used a zigzag stitch on my sewing machine around the raw edge, about a 1/4 inch above where I had cut.  I had planned on just zigzagging to prevent runs, and then folding the edge over and sewing a nice seam, but I made a happy mistake.  When I fed the sock through, I stretched it a little tiny bit accidentally, so it ended up ruffling the bottom edge.  I liked the way it looked, so I decided to do the same thing to the other side and leave the bottom raw.

They are perfect little leg warmers for cool mornings. 

Snazzy legs, Scarlett.
The kids watched me do it, since it only took about ten minutes, and this is where the real lesson comes in.  I thought I'd do it quick while Nevin was playing with his cars and Scarlett was sitting chewing on her toys, but they were both totally fascinated by my sewing machine.  Nevin pulled his high chair right up next to me and was pointing and asking questions.  Of course he was: he loves everything mechanical, and to him, my sewing machine is just one more cool machine to learn about.  Later, when I reflected on it, I realized that I hadn't offered to involve him, as I normally do with activities around the house, because deep down, I was thinking, "girls sew.  Boys don't like to sew, so he won't be interested."  Traditional gender roles are so deeply engrained that I didn't even realize that I was making faulty assumptions about what he would be interested in based on gender stereotypes, and by extension teaching, however subconsciously, these roles to him.  I'm glad he taught me the lesson, and I took the time to heed it, but it makes me wonder how many other messages am I sending him?

What are some of the ways that you break down the traditional gender roles in your house?


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