Toddler-Proof Chairs, Granny Style.

Today I put the last couple screws back in the dining room chairs.  Nevin and I took them apart a couple of weeks ago to toddler proof them.  We weren't thrilled with the idea of covering them with vinyl à la Golden Girls, so I spruced it up with some Ikea fabric I had laying around in the basement.  Overall, I'm happy with the result.  Now the Baby Girl can have the high chair and the Baby Boy can slip, slap and slop whatever we give him all over the chairs without me having an anxiety attack.

If only getting them to eat the food was this easy.
Toddler proof chair
For comparison's sake...
So easy, even a two year old can do it!

Covering the chairs was surprisingly easy.  Literally, the hardest thing for me was figuring out how to load the staple gun.  My advice: do the fabric first, and then the vinyl, and make sure there is nothing on the fabric when you start the vinyl because it has a lot of static cling power.

Price?  The chairs themselves were $35 each at a Broyhill furniture auction. The Ikea fabric was already in my basement from a roman blinds project I was dissatisfied with a couple years ago, but I think it was only $6/yd and I used about two yards.  I used 1.5 yards of the vinyl (which is at your local Home Hardware store) and it was only $4.59/yd.  All in all, a very cheap facelift.


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