Saturday Morning Run

Can you believe I'm actually starting to look forward to my Saturday morning runs?  Its all thanks to the blog... I've NEVER had a positive attitude about running, but now I pay attention to the little pretty things around town or get lost in my thoughts instead of counting down my strides.  The yard sales help, too.

- Today, at a yard sale, I snagged a couple of pretty wooden baskets to bring home the bounty from my parents' garden.  Why does everything have to be plastic these days?

- When I ran past one of the second hand stores, I got thinking about old men's suits.  I kind of want to upcycle them into a shift dress à la PreLoved.  Probably never going to happen, but I'll add it to the list...

- I saw a poster for this event happening tomorrow.  If I wasn't being held hostage by my son's underpants, maybe it'd be a nice thing to do.

- The best thing about my run?  Running into an acquaintance twice (I guess doing a similar loop, just the opposite way) and high-fiving on the way by the second time.  I love living in a small town :)

Cute and homey, eh?


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