Saturday Morning Run: My new bicycle

I have to be honest: when fall arrives, and the yard sales end, I think my Saturday morning runs might end as well.  Its so much fun running around town looking for junk!  Its the only time its good to feel cheap. 

I mapped out my run this morning based on the yard sale ads in the classifieds of our local paper.  Nothing peaked my interest until I got back to our block.  Then I saw something I had to have - a bicycle.  Yes, I already have three bikes.  Yes, I have more bikes than handbags.  And yes, I'm pretty sure that is one of my top five qualities according to Shawn.

It is adorable.  Its not like any of the other bikes I have.  Its all curvy and comfy and just begging for a basket.  Shawn said he'll clean it up and make it all shiny.  I can't hardly wait to bike to the farmer's market with it... it looks like that is where it belongs.  That, or in a field of daisies.  It makes me smile.
This picture does it no justice.  It is beautiful in my eyes.
And it only cost me $2.  Pure joy.


  1. Ah! Sash! That is awesome! $2?!? That is totally a farmer's market/grocery store/downtown bike! I need one of those! haha!

  2. Everyone needs a bike like this... even people who already have 5 bikes and a unicycle!

  3. You need to wear a neck scarf while riding said bike!


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