Potty Training: Part II

This post should have been filed yesterday, but by the end of the day, I was in no mood for posting.  Shawn had an extra long day away, and didn’t get home until after the kids were in bed, so I was already exhausted and impatient by the time the supper rush was over.  I was going to write about the ridiculous amount of laundry I have been doing since this potty training project began.  I was going to write about how it has inspired me to start googling “Laundry Room Make Over Contest*,” because my poor old washing machine may die at any moment (its allegiance to me in this war against pee is strong, but its like having a 70-year-old on your side… how much can its heart take?).  

But then I got tired.  And I had piles of dishes, and a teething baby, and the pee break incident happened.  I, after having held my pee** through reading stories to Nevin on the potty and nursing Scarlett, decided it was my turn to take a moment to fulfill MY needs.  I had a pee break.  As I was washing my hands, I could hear from the living room (over the complaints of the fussy teething baby), “Ohhhhhh!  I pooped on flooooor!”  It was a first for him, and apparently alarmed him, because when I arrived on scene, there was poop smeared across the potty and down his leg and foot from his attempt to get back to the potty and get the last little bit stuck to him on target.  So I’m sure you can forgive me for feeling a little deflated and not taking the time log my day.

Then this morning happened.  Shawn came down to greet me with a kiss and a cardboard toilet roll in his hand.  That means that not only did he choose to replace the empty roll of toilet paper, but he also chose not to leave the empty cardboard roll sitting beside the toilet.  Glorious.  When I came out of the washroom, Nevin clapped and cheered, “Mommy peed!  Mommy peed on big potty!  Yay!”  Delightful.  And my friend showed up and gave me the best potty pep talk ever.  She reminded me that I’m not alone, my child is normal, and that it will get better… slowly (and slowly is okay).  Awesome.   

People, I am back on track.  At least for a few days.

*The Marilyn Dennis Show, sponsored by Sears.

**Side note: its funny how having a couple pregnancies and labours makes you incredibly thankful that are capable of pee-holding, isn’t it?


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