Potty Training: Part I

Today involved a lot of pee.  I don't think there is anyone in this house who made it though the day today without getting caught in the line of fire - including the dog, the front door mat, and the couch (I won't tell you which one in case you come to visit...).  Today was day two of potty training for Nevin.  And let me tell you, at this point, no amount of praise or chocolate chips is helping those axons connect to the right dendrites. 

AHHH! A fire breathing dragon!

Its not to say there wasn't successes, because there was.  I know he wants to do it, and I have to keep my mind on the end game.  Its just challenging to stay patient when, after two hours of diligently reading stories to your toddler and feeding him muffins and singing songs, you turn your back to grab the other neglected child, and you return to see a puddle beside the potty.  Three inches away. The world will never have enough Mommy Support Groups.

I think he knew I was getting to the end of my rope because his very last pee of the day was on the potty.  Sigh.  Like a mirage in the desert.

On the plus side, Scarlett didn't pee on me or her clothes at all today.  I love how they tag team me.


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