One of the best things I've ever made..

Scarlett is six months old tomorrow.  Today she had her check-up.  She weighed in at a whopping 19 lbs 2 oz and 28.5 inches.  Not the biggest six-month old I've ever made, but not too shabby.  This is one of the favourite days of my life.  She is about to start solids, but up until now she has been exclusively breastfed.  I've made her.  Her nose, her elbows, every little fingernail was made by me.  How often can you look at someone and say, "I made you"?  I made you.  There is no greater sense of accomplishment.

The only thing smiling after her vaccines.

(p.s. Shawn just read this, and I should note that he did contribute a half of a cell.)


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