Flower Headbands

Today, I got crafty and let the girly-girl come out in me.  There is something inside me that cannot resist teensy-tiny tutus and oh-so-frilly flower headbands.  Poor girl.

Here is the tutorial for the yellow headband.  I used a strip from the same old sheet that I used for our duvet cover to make it.  I attached it to a hairband that I got at the discount store (it was $1.25 for a pack of 8).  I covered the back with a bit of felt that cost 65 cents for the entire sheet.  So we're talking less then 20 cents to make the entire thing.
The blue one was a little easier, but cost a little more.  After seeing the yellow one that I made two days ago, my Mom saw the blue rosette in the discount bin at a fabric store for $1.  I bought a blue ribbon headband at the discount store for 2/$1.25.  So this little slice of girly heaven cost closer to 60 cents.

And if you want cheap pre-made ones, straight from the source, check out this lady and this lady.  They got this whole frou-frou ball rolling.


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