Civic Long Weekend 2011

We were so lucky this weekend!  We were invited to two peoples cottages, and just by coincidence, they were only 20 minutes apart.  We definitely made memories, and surprisingly, got some sleep along the way too!  (Five children under the age of five sleeping in the same room can be a challenge...)

We spent Saturday night with our neighbours, on Ashby Lake.  This year with their 12th annual Family Bash, but my first time being included.  They have kids the same ages as our kids, so its great - we don't have to worry about our toddler being stubborn or our infant being cranky, because they are in the same spot and they get it.

Nevin and his BFF looking for fish.

After a generous brunch, we headed over to my brother's cottage on Sheldrake Lake and hung out with my family, minus the Western Division.  More memories made, more good food, Nevin's first S'mores consumed, and in the morning, more maple syrup licked off the plate.

This picture reminds me... is there anyone else out there who gets sun burned at 5pm?  No?  Just me?  Silly Sasha, thinking she didn't need to put sunscreen on after Health Canada's sun advisory hours.

Uncle Q, Nevin and Mommy in the paddle boat.
Both cottages only had a shower stall, so we had to improvise at bath time Sunday night.  We gave beer suds a whole new meaning.  Nevin thought it was fantastic.

Scarlett, always the thoughtful and caring infant, didn't want me to miss the sunrise.  So we spent both mornings on the dock nursing and watching the sun come up.

We have lots more pictures, but if you want to see them, you'll have to come over for a visit and a lemonade.
I hope your long weekend was a great as ours!


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