World's Hottest Petting Zoo Experience

Mondays are Shawn's day off.  So, since the rest of the world is busy, Mondays have become our get lots done and/or make memories day.  You'll be happy to know, memories were made today, and thanks to the blog, they shall be remembered.  We may be the best parents in the world.  Or the most neglectful.  Your perspective really just depends on if your name is Nevin or Scarlett.
Laughing at Lemurs
We drove to Saunders Country Critters and Garden Center.  I got some awesome begonias.  Just kidding.  Its basically a glorified petting zoo, with a dash of predators and a smidgen of exotics.  We drove over an hour (thank Goodness for air conditioning), paid too much admission, and walked around in the blistering heat just to rock our two-year-old's world.  And he loved it.  Mission complete.  He'll be telling stories about goats and giggling about bouncing lemurs until at least Thursday.  Scarlett, on the other hand, was just along for the ride.

Scarlett's best impression of a Llama




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