Why have McDonald's when you can have 'Gourmet'?

A wise man once told me, probably shortly after his car broke down, "Sasha, if you can't marry a doctor, marry a mechanic."  

I'm not sure he was thinking 'bike' mechanic, but since I hate driving and love biking, Shawn fits the bill.  And on the plus side for the wise man us and our financial security, Shawn's dad is a car mechanic.  Tonight, yet again, Shawn's dad came to the rescue and saved us a ton of money.

Clearly, its Gourmet.

And, to celebrate, we went to a greasy spoon, dirt cheap restaurant called the The Gourmet.  Not only did I love the food, I also love the owner's sarcasm.

Nevin with the coolest waiting room toy EVER.


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