That's one long meter stick!

This is a catch up post.  Remember I said I did all sorts of things last Thursday and Friday?  Well, one of the things I did was finish a crafty little project, and for once it turned out looking even better than I'd hoped it would.  I made a giant measuring stick.  Its for measuring a recording my kids heights.  The usual problem with these things is that it needs to be classic, because what is cutesy now certainly will go the way of the 1970s golden fridge by the time my kids graduate high school. 
Going to 7 feet may have been a little ambitious, but then  again, maybe not.

How do you record your kids heights?

For directions, read on.

Measuring Stick Directions

1) Buy an 8 foot length 1 x 2.5in board.
2) Use painters tape to tape the width that you would like your inch increment notched to be.  Mine was about 1/2 inch from the edge of the board.

3) Using a tape measure, make little marks with a pencil at every inch.  Use a ruler and a permanent marker to make the inch increment lines, tracing onto the painters tape.  Remove the painter's tape.
4) Every 6th line, make the line slightly longer.  For me, these were 3/4 inch.
5) Every 12th line, make slightly longer that the 6th lines.  For me, these were 1 inch.
6)  Choose a font that you really like, that has bolder numbers.  Print the numbers 1-7 off.  For me, I can't remember which font I used, but I used size 200 font, so the numbers were about 2 inches in height.

7) I did not free hand the numbers!  Take a pen and trace around the number with a pen.  If you bought a cheap board, like me, it is probably pine, so tracing on the paper will leave an indent on the board that you can use to guide you.

8) Colour in the indented number with a permanent marker.


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