Saturday Morning Run

Were you driving on Drummond Street this morning at around 8am?  Yes?  Oh, so you are wondering who the jogging girl was with the plastic bag full of technicoloured little boys underwear dangling like a cape from her bra strap?  Right.  Well, that was me.  And to my neighbours, who may not have noticed:  I know, it was pretty sneaky of my to pretend that the plastic bag was full of ice and I was icing my shoulder when I could get the knots undone upon turning onto our street.  Fortunately, it wasn't anything a pair of scissors and a befuddled husband couldn't solve.  So, what was on my mind today?  I was in a less creative mood today and carried more domestic thoughts through my run...

Welcome to the world, little brother Bronsenn!

- Potty training... clearly.  Nevin seems to be the last man standing... in diapers.  After the August long weekend, she's over, Grover.  Or you're going to scamper, Pampers.  Hence, the situation I found myself in today.  Mid-run, I came across a yard sale with underwear.  A bagful for 25 cents.  I couldn't resist.  I also couldn't carry them home.  We are now the proud owners of 22 pairs of mini-man underwear.  That should last the first two days, right?

- Babies! In the last week and a half, three of my close friends and my brother all welcomed babies into their lives.  The most recent was last night.  Such a happy time!  Their mother's all have very different birth stories to tell - two c-sections, two natural, ranging from 2 hours labour to 60 hours (JGL, you will ALWAYS be my hero!) - but they all have one thing in common.  All the moms are great at naming babies.  Lachlan, Keegan, Braden, Bronsenn. Good job, girls!

I was definitely smiling on today's run :)


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