Saturday Morning Run

Today’s run was more of drive.  My mom and I got up early and went to Almonte for a yard sale and spent the morning, sans Nevin.  It was so refreshing.  Like, “Sure, honey go out for a few beers with the guys tonight AND go mountain biking with the guys tomorrow” (and honestly mean it!) kind of refreshing.

-         We started at the yard sale that Emily from Blackbird had at her house.  I picked up great stuff for the house… I’ve included pictures of a few of the things.  Blackbird might just be one of my new favourite stores.
-         We hung out for over and hour at Palms Coffee Shop.  Over an hour!  Talking!  With no one wiping their running nose on me or coming dangerously close to killing themselves.  Its one of those places that displays art, too.  I was totally inspired by the textiles by Caitlin Barrie.  I think I might take some fabric like this and staple it around dollar store canvases.  I think it’d look great in a grouping.  Thoughts?
-         While looking for cool fabric, I came across this.  I think I can do it with some remnants, dollar store acrylics and a little inspiration.  It might have to be part of the aforementioned grouping.
-         We also went to a great kids consignment store called Kentfield Kids.  No junk, all cute, and mostly 50% off because they have to clear out the summer stuff.  When I went to check out, I saw some of these by the cash.  Both my sisters-in-laws need them, for totally different reasons.  Love it.

Not sure where the bird's going, but the mat is really cute!

Really, what can't you do with an elasticized beaded belt?

Happy Saturday!


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