Don't be late, its a picnic date!

Today Shawn and I went on a date.  Of course, we had a couple little people tagging along.

Mmm... peanut butter and banana sandwiches with the kids.  Such a romantic date night!

After nap time and a quick kiddy-pool swim with the neighbours, the kids and I headed to where the action was down town.  The ever-popular Stewart Park Festival.  Shawn met us after work, and we had a picnic in the park with the back drop of live music.  We stuck around for two acts - Eric Bibb and Dan Mangan.  They were fantastic.

To be honest, Dan Mangan played through Nevin's bedtime, so we bribed him with ice cream and made it to the second last song of his set (and then packed up and walked across the park reeeeaalllly slow so that we could listen to the last song).

What's the end of a date without visiting where it all started?

Good days end with live music.


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