Canada Day 2011

Thursday and Friday I did a few things, so the next few posts will be catch up.  First up... Canada Day.  Hooray for democracy, freedom, and poutine.

Mmmm... poutine dinner to celebrate!

We made memories.  If you want to see a day-in-the-life, see the pics after the jump.

At the lake in the a.m.

Butterflies aren't just in storybooks!
He put his boots on himself :)
Chores still get done on special days...

Any excuse to go to the chip stand for dinner.
Still smiling after a busy day (or maybe just looking for food?)
Finishing off the day with a little tummy time.


  1. A-dorable!! They've both grown so much since I was there 1.5(?)months ago!!

  2. That means you need to come for another visit Amanda! Maybe next week we'll have something to celebrate!


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