Toddlers in tubs!

Today, I had the most fun cleaning the tub I've had in a long time.  Scratch that... today was the first time I've ever enjoyed scrubbing the tub.  I had a little helper.

I know, not the most flattering picture of my boy, but he is a big improvement over the soap scum that was sitting there mere moments before I took this picture.  He was trying his best to scrub beside mommy, and when he switched to the squirting duties, he waited patiently to squirt until Mommy said so.  We only had one rogue squirt all over Mommy's leg (I knew the all natural stuff was a smart purchase!). Oh, and the best part?  The sound track to this happy little moment... old school Dave Matthews Band, as per Nevin's request.  Anyone who has ever mothered a two-year-old knows that this is a moment worth celebrating.

How have you cheered up your mundane chores around the house?


  1. I watch Mark do them while I sip on a glass of wine. :)


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