Saturday Morning Run

Today I ran in the rain.  And I loved it.  I hate running normally, but it was early and there was a warm rain, and the town was sleepy and quiet.  So peaceful.  It reminded me about why I love living in a small town.  Some of the quiet moments I savoured:

-         The only vehicles on the road were pick-up trucks hauling little aluminum fishing boats.  A chocolate lab was in the bed of one of the trucks, enjoying the morning too.  He was definitely smiling… I smiled back.

-         I ran by the local farmers setting up for the Saturday morning farmer’s market.  I love the farmer’s market.  Here’s a recipe to celebrate the local produce that I made this week: (A weird combo that you would never find in nature, but yum!)

-         While running by the Arts and Class store front, I saw a pillow that might be the inspiration for a future project, and blog post… If I do it myself I’ll use this as my reference:, but if I don’t get the time and decide I need it, I’ll buy it from my friend Dagmar, here:

-         I even stopped at a yard sale a few blocks from home.  They had a box full of pipe cleaners, markers, and brightly coloured Popsicle sticks.  For $1!  What two-year-old wouldn’t love crafting it up with that stuff.  Of course, I didn’t have cash stuffed… anywhere… and by the time I made it back, the supplies were gone, but it got me thinking.  If had scored the box, we would have been inspired by this article: (Nevin loves his bling!)

Such a great run should not be ruined by another… I think I’ll ride this high ‘til at least next Saturday morning.


  1. Runs bring about so many different ideas, don't they? Glad you had a good run!


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