Quicky Quiche

Today I made quiche for supper.  In my opinion, it’s the Superman of dinners.  It’s easy, fast, involves cheese, is vegetarian (read: cheap to make) and incorporates whatever limp veggies are left from last weeks’ grocery trip.  What more can you ask for from an entrée?

Thanks to my Gram and Mom, I have no problem making pastry.  But my pastry is too bland for quiche – if I’m going to skip the meat, I had better have something buttery and decadent to replace it.  I want something more Pillsbury-ish, only minus the $4 price tag.  So after a little research with my friend Martha, I made some dough.

1 ¼ cups white flour
½ cup margarine
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt

Mix it all together.  Done. 

For those of you a little scared of pastry, read my tips and pep talk after the jump.
First of all, its quiche - you only have to make the bottom, so it doesn’t have to be pretty.  If it falls apart, and you have to squish it back together, who cares?  There’s egg covering all those paltry little imperfections.
Secondly, use wax paper – then it doesn’t matter if it falls apart.  Wax paper sticks to your countertop with a little water.   Put down wax paper, with a little water between it and the countertop, then lightly flour the wax paper.  Roll out your dough.  When it’s about the right size (again, who cares if it’s a circle, its going to be under egg!), put you pie plate on it, upside down.  Put one hand between the counter and the wax paper, and one hand on the pie plate (like a wax paper/pastry/pie plate sandwich) and flip.  Voila!  Pastry done… just fill in the holes and fix the cracks with spare pastry from the edges.  I’m guessing you just saved yourself about three dollars and eighty-seven cents.
No perfect pastry here... if you tilt your head to the left, it kind of looks like, "Oh-no!-PEI-is-crashing-into-New-Brunswick! Pastry"


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